7 Most Important Features of WhatsApp which you should try

WHATSAPP is the most popular instant messaging app for smartphones on the market at the time I am writing this. The user base has gone beyond half a billion people and it is still growing. It is now under the ownership of Facebook, which shows its popularity and worth on the market.


Whatsapp has recently rolled out a new feature called STARRED MESSAGES. This feature is available on both the android and iOS versions of the instant messaging app. It helps users to bookmark on whatsapp so that they can find them later whenever required. In other words it can be said that this feature helps users to keep track of their important IMs,images and videos. There are some apps which you can use like YouTV Player for Android.


Open WhatsApp, go to the Chats tab and select the desired chat. Hold your finger down on the desired message until it is highlighted (in blue). Tap on the Star button to bookmark the selected content.


All the messages you’ve marked with a star are saved under a special tab. Head back to the Chats tab and tap on the Ellipsis button > Starred Messages to view your messages.


According to a report in Android Police, WhatsApp beta version on Android gives users the ability to pin up to three conversations right at the top. The report said that the feature is now live for WhatsApp Android beta users which means, if you are on beta 2.17.162 and 2.17.163, you should be able to find the feature. In our last check, we found the version working on these versions.

  • How can you pin a chat at the top?

All you need to do is, open WhatsApp and tap-hold on the chat. After this, you will get a pin icon right next to the delete, mute and archive option which feature at the top. Select the pin option, and the chat will move at the top of the list. Users will be able to pin a maximum of three chats at the top.


The new version of WhatsApp for Android lets you automatically backup your chat logs to Google Drive. Google Drive helps us to take the back up of our Whatsapp media and chats.

While changing our number or changing our Smartphone we can just take the backup on the Google Drive and later we can restore our data on another phone.

  • Backup For Google Drive

For backing up chats with google drive you will have to firstly go to Menu of whatsapp then go to Settings > Chats  > Chat BackUp > Google Drive Settings and set it up.


If you are already backing up the the chats then there is no need to keep the older or useless chats and increase the memory consumed by the whatsapp conversation list. So, in order to do this whatsapp has got a very useful feature of clearing the chats. You can do this with more perfection in GbWhatsApp.

  • How to clear chats in whatsapp-

 Go to Whatsapp then Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat History > Clear All Chats and you’ll be able to see three options; all messages, messages older than 30 days,or messages older than 6 months.Choose what you want and then chat will be deleted according to your wish.


Because of the last seen feature of the double check sign on the messages of whatsapp which indicates that the message has been delivered and read by you many of these misunderstandings have happened due to not remembering you have read a certain message or because you have muted a group like skype app, the new version of Whatsapp offers the possibility of marking certain conversations as unread for both iPhone and Android.

  • How to mark messages as read or unread-

Choose a chat from any your WhatsApp contact or group,Long-press on it,and tap “Mark as Unread”. You can do the opposite too;long-press a chat you haven’t read and then tap on “Mark as Read”,then it will it seem like you’ve read the message without even opening the chat.


Archive chats helps to hide the chats from the whatsapp and directly goes to Archive Folder. It is basically used to hiding the chats which you do not want to delete and can’t keep them on whatsapp chats.

  • How to archive chats on whatsapp-

For archive a chat, tap on the chat in the chat box and then there will be displayed some options you have to choose Archive chat.


 With a couple of taps you can reply to a single and specific message within a group. This is very useful for groups made up of many people, and also to mention old messages within a conversion.This feature is also called as QUOTE MESSAGE FEATURE.

  • How to reply with respect to specific message on whatsapp-

Press on the message you want to respond to for a few seconds until the action bubble/bar pops up. Next to star, trash, copy and forward is a new option that looks like the arrow typically associated with reply. Click that, and the message you want to quote will show up right above your text box.

So, these were the important features of Whatsapp .Hope You All Liked it..